Nestled comfortably on the Lowveld plain in Limpopo, Ngama’s beautiful landscape is home to an abundance of wildlife and natural plant species.

Situated south east of the friendly town of Hoedspruit and within 40km reach of the Kruger National Park, Ngama is the perfect location to unwind, relax or take part in one of the many activities the area has to offer.

Discover a place so tranquil, a stay so unforgettable and experience the warmest of African welcomes. Enjoying a subtropical climate with hot summers and mild, dry winters, many hours are spent out and about exploring the bush, viewing Big Five game or simply relaxing by the pool enjoying a good book.

South Africa

If an authentic adventure to an unspoilt destination is what you’re after, South Africa is the place for you. The region is known for its untouched wilderness, vibrant cultural and relaxed sophistication. South Africa is rated year after year as one of the world’s top tourist destinations.

Visitors to our beautiful country are provided with an assortment of experiences, ranging from wildlife sanctuaries, Cosmopolitan cites to breathtaking landscapes.


The northern province of our beautiful country of South Africa, Limpopo is the land of legends, majestic baobab trees, breathtaking landscape and scenery. 

They call it the Great North. A land of immense beauty with unforgettable landscapes. Limpopo is fast becoming a favourite destination for leisure and adventure travellers worldwide.

With its great diversity of natural beauty and manmade attractions, rich cultural heritage and an abundance of wildlife, Limpopo has something for everyone.

The many nature reserves in the province are amongst some of the best in the world. Through these protected areas, the natural heritage is hoped to be preserved for generations to come.

Guernsey Private Nature Reserve

A secluded tranquil piece of natural beauty which is perfectly located at the epicentre of the surrounding tourist attractions, Guernsey Private nature reserve is the perfect place to call home while you experience all that the area has to offer.

Situated within the Greater Kruger National Park ecosystem, the reserve offers an exciting variety of fauna and flora for you to discover.

This diversity means you could be watching the ever present herds of Zebra, Wildebeest or Impala making their way passed the lodge to the nearby waterhole. Or you could be taking in the beautiful morning chorus sung by birds such as the White-browed Scrub Robin and Orange-breasted Bushshrike while sipping your coffee before a game drive. You could be sitting on your private deck enjoying the comfort of the shade from a magnificent marula tree. Or you could be enjoying drinks outside around the fire while listening to the roar of a lion nearby.

The possibilities are endless which means there is always a new experience waiting for you and no 2 days will be the same.