Enjoying a guided bush walk at Ngama

Posted on Mon October 10, 2016.

Light up your senses with a kaleidoscope of magical details during a bush walk at Ngama.

All five senses are set into high gear as we set out in the early morning to discover the magic of the bush. Devin, the owner and highly experienced guide leads us through the unspoilt wilderness, sharing his knowledge and using his experience to give us a wonderfully natural insight that has deepened my appreciation for the African bush.

On foot, life slows down and our senses are sharpened to absorb the smaller things that surround us and make up this incredible ecosystem. Our walk allows us to experience the diverse ecology of fauna and flora close at hand. Who knew a Magic Guarri tree could be used as a tooth brush or that the milky latex from a Euphorbia is highly toxic and should not be ingested.

As we kneel down to examine some leopard tracks or admire the intricacies of an Ant Lion in action, our focus is fully engaged in the present moment. With each new discovery we come to understand a bit more about our surroundings. 

Not being stuck inside a vehicle creates a more intimate safari experience. Feeling the African soil beneath your feet somehow makes you feel a part of it. And viewing a giraffe from just a few meters away was infinitely more exciting on foot. A moment when time stood still, a memory that will last forever.

We identified spoor, touched and even tasted trees and plants and enjoyed the quiet moments simply absorbing the many smells, sounds and sensations of the bush – this is a safari in its purest form.